My simple tips to save money to travel the world!

Do you dream of traveling the world? Here's a little video with practical ways to save money to travel... this is exactly how I began exploring the world over six years ago👣

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Your Travel Dreams in 2018.

A reminder that we need to seize every day we’re lucky to experience in our lifetime. Carpe diem.

The Swiss Alps are like poetry on earth 💜

Photo thanks to Siddhartha Joshi

Waterfalls, rocky cliffs, snow-clad mountains and traditional wooden houses... hanging out in the little Alpine village of Lauterbrunnen 👣

You guys! I did it... fought my fear, braced the freezing cold, got on the skiis and tried to learn skiing. And I LOVED it. Such fun once you start getting a hang of it.

Highly recommend trying skiing if you have the chance - especially in the Swiss Alps ☃️💜

#flyswiss #myfirstskiexperience

Grüezi from Switzerland 👋🏼 I’m here on assignment with Swiss International Air Lines & Jungfrau Region to try skiing for the first time and witness the Lauberhornrennen ski races! Follow along with
#flyswiss #myfirstskiexperience

Have you been? Tried skiing? Gots tips or recommendations?

Photo by fellow blogger The Wanderer.

My office, 30,000 feet above earth, on Swiss International Air Lines <3

Loved flying Business Class on my 11.5 hour flight from Bangkok to Zurich - roomy single seat, full flat bed, big screen, lots of movie options, two windows for the snowy scenery and plenty of inspiration to work on board!

Do you love flying, or do you hate planes?

It’s been an incredible month in Chiang Mai... but now it’s time to seek to new adventures. This reminds me why 😉

One of the best books I read in 2017 was Martin Eden by Jack London - a semi-autobiographical account of his struggles with becoming a published writer.

And you? I’m looking for recommendations for my book list - books that are inspiring, gripping, hard to put down.

New Year's Eve in Chiang Mai!

Behold, a glimpse of the magic of celebrating New Year’s Eve in Chiang Mai, Thailand <3

Read more in my latest blog post:

NO MONEY? NO WORRIES: Money worries aren’t stopping millennials from hitting the road

Yours truly, featured on The Financial Express / Indian Express this week!

One blind backpacker’s journey around the globe

This backpacker won't let his blindness and deafness stop him from experiencing the world; he's already been to 120 countries! How inspiring.

Love how incredible the food options and views in Chiang Mai are 😋

Lots of tempting food from the region on my nomadicvegan Instagram account too!

17 Incredible Travel (and Life) Moments of 2017.

NEW POST: Looking back at 2017 and all its wonders.

Go read, then tell me, what was your most memorable moment of 2017?

Happy 2018 folks! Rang in the new year amid a thousand paper lanterns in the skies of Chiang Mai <3

And you, anything special this NY Eve?

A short video to wish you an adventure-filled 2018 and the courage to follow unconventional dreams!

See you next year 💚

I’m out of words thinking of back to my introduction to the Austrian Alps in Tirol this year. Help me caption this morning, pretty please? 😇

I guess I’m the least festive person on social media 😂 This is the only Christmas tree I dream of 😉

Happy holidays to you if you’re celebrating!

3 days left to enter! Share your most unique photo showcasing the color “red” on Trover and win 1500$ 😇


Can’t believe 2017 is already coming to an end! One of my fav times was hanging out in little Himachali villages amid tea plantations and the snow-clad Dhauladhar range 😍


So my Oman plans got postponed... and I landed up in northern Thailand! This is our incredible abode amid a private forest for the next month, 10 minutes by bicycle to the mountains and with a ton of vegan Thai and international food nearby 😍

So agree with this. Do you feel this way too?

How to Find the Perfect Airbnb and Make the Most of Your Travel Experience.

"If you ask me, the most unforgettable travel experiences happen outside of planned itineraries and immerse us in the local way of life. And for that reason, I’ve sworn by Airbnb in my last 3 years of traveling."

My latest blog post - how to find the perfect Airbnb on your travels!

Unexpectedly managed to catch the Geminid Meteor Shower in northern Thailand last night - saw some 40-50 meteors and shooting stars in less than an hour. Absolutely incredible!

Photo —> throwback to a starry starry night in Ladakh 😍

I have to confess I’ve become addicted to Trover - a social network exclusively for travellers to share hidden gems from around the world.

Saying goodbye to Maldives was less heartbreaking because of all the upcoming adventures I’ve been researching on Trover 😉 If you’re on it, connect with me - “shivya”

Excited to be collaborating with Trover all month to bring you some exciting contests too!

"She is a mermaid, but approach her with caution. Her mind swims at depths most would drown in."
~ J. Iron Word

Last day in the Maldives 😢

Sunsets in the Maldives ❤️

Let me transport you to the underwater world of the Maldives, where the turtles live 🐢 — with Madi Finolhu Guesthouse Baa Maalhos

There are two ways to experience the Maldives. You can stay on a "resort island" - a fancy resort on a private island. Pay through your nose, experience luxury which is mostly environmentally unsustainable, see only fellow tourists. You can soak in the beauty of the islands, but perhaps in a bubble with no sense of how the locals really live. You could be anywhere in the world - the Maldives or other islands like Mauritius, Seychelles, Andaman or the Caribbean...

Or you can live on a "local island" - islands inhabited by Maldivians. Stay in a small guesthouse without breaking the bank. Learn even on day one that although the women are expected to cover up fully and wear an abaya at all times, they go for volleyball training in the evenings, hang out on the public beach under the stars, and love Bollywood music. That you can sit for hours and have conversations with the men, and hear them play local tunes on the drums. You eat all kinds of fruits and veggies that grow on the island, and the one seven minutes away by boat... and feel like you're one of the locals yourself.

The latter is my kind of travelling... and on my little island up north, staying at the Madi Finolhu Guesthouse Baa Maalhos run by locals, I'm already feeling like an islander too!

"You can shake the sand from your shoes, but not from your soul."

Maldives 💙

Hello from a little local island in the Maldives - home for the next 2 weeks 😍

Let the sky fall... 👣

An Unfinished Affair: Places I’d Love to Go Back to Someday.

My latest blog post - yearning for the places of my past (aka my bucket list of countries I need to revisit soon).

Go read, then tell me, where do you long to go back to?

Dreaming of Jordan today... YOU?

On Sunday, on The AhimsaFest 2017 stage, I talked about why we need to question everything - the way we live, why we travel, what we eat. I'm sure we all asked a lot of questions as kids, but somewhere along the way, as we grew up, we just started accepting what was told to us or expected of us.

On my part, I think I started questioning everything again when I turned 23. I questioned why I work at a 9-5 corporate job (and then quit it), why I need to live in one place (and then gave up my apartment and sold most of my possessions), what makes us cling to god and religion (and turned atheist), the compulsion to get married (and swore it wasn't for me), the need to procreate on an already over-populated earth (and decided never to have kids)... and I hope I'll keep asking questions, while keeping space for my beliefs to evolve.

All I say is, get some me-time every now and then, read books and watch movies and interact with people who direct you to the right questions, and don't let any ideas of life or travel or food be set in stone. You might find answers that are very different from mine, but as a wise man (Einstein 🤔) once said, the important thing is to not stop questioning.

PS: A big thank you to everyone who came for the talk!

Meet the Kiwi who backpacked around the world solo in a wheelchair

What an inspiring, courageous travel story!

Foodies! I have a new Instagram account - @nomadicvegan - to share my food adventures from around the world! Let's connect 😋

Mangalajodi, Odisha: How an Entire Village Transformed from Poaching Birds to Protecting Them.

"It was easy. We caught them in a net and twisted their necks..."

My latest blog post - the incredible story of a village in Odisha that turned to conservation.

Mumbai: Vegan Travel Talk & Carnival!

Big news! I'll be speaking about my nomadic journey and vegan adventures during the finale of The AhimsaFest 2017 in Mumbai. Hope to see you there :)

How I’m Funding My Adventures Around the World Through Travel Blogging.

I started 2015 on a private island in Panama, with 150 rupees ($2.5 USD) in my account ;-)

That morning in Georgia when I slept to the colours of autumn, and woke up to the first snow of winter ☃️

This Man Travelled 11 Indian States in 9 Months and Did Not Spend a Single Rupee!

"His stories are full of random acts of kindness by complete strangers!"

This restores my faith in the world (y)

Missin' them fall colors in New York City <3

What Vegans Look like (Travel Special) – Nov 01st, 2017 - The Eco Trunk

Mumbai peeps! Join us on 1st November as we talk about what it's like to be vegan and travel the world.

Limited seating; RSVP soon!

Instagram post by Shivya Nath • Oct 26, 2017 at 2:33pm UTC

Ain't no feeling like hiking amid the stunning Caucasus Mountains <3

See more Georgia stories on my Instagram - @shivya

Pune peeps! Join us on October 28th for a fun evening of food and travel talk. RSVP at

Excited to see you there ;-)

My neighbourhood in the Caucasus mountains... so gorgeous that you just have to hover over it for a 360 degree look!

All The Vegan (and Vegetarian) Food I Loved in Salzburg, Austria!

A food post after a long time... all the vegan (mis)adventures in Salzburg and Tyrol!

Caught the first snow of the season! My winter wonderland ☃️😘

Blogging: A Powerful Tool for Social Change | Keynote at SoDel...

Incase you missed it... my keynote at the SoDelhi Confluence on how bloggers can (and must) think beyond commerical success, and think about what else we can use our "influence" for.

Nights Over Egypt